9 True Stories From People That Seem Like They’re Lies


Have you ever had something so strange happen to you that you feel like you’re on one of those reality television prank shows? Sometimes coincidences are so strange and moments are so serendipitous, that when you tell people, they’ll have a hard time believing it’s true. Writer Aidan Moher took to Twitter and asked people to tell him a story about their lives that sounds like a lie but it’s actually true. The responses were incredible.

Here are 9 stories from people that sound unbelievable but are actually true.


1) First, the author’s response…

Source: Twitter
Aidan asked the question, but first, he shared his own hilariously surreal story.


2) Social anxiety to the max

Source: Twitter
When you put a bunch of introverted people with social anxiety together, they don’t even know they’re together.


3) Mom is always watching

Source: Twitter
This boxing champion still gets bossed around by his mom. And mom will continue to do it until she no longer can!


4) To the minute

Source: Twitter
Talk about a crazy coincidence. Out of all the minutes in the day, they happened to die and be born on the same exact one. We’re all connected somehow.


5) Every kid’s dream

Source: Twitter
This guy’s crazy story is something that every kid wished for – making their own imagination come to life. This is just too sweet.
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6) Time is weird

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When you cross the international date line, according to the clock, you either fast-forward or go-backward in time depending on which direction you’re going. So, technically, you can live the same day twice!


7) Ghost neighbor

Source: Twitter
This woman experienced some creepy paranormal activity. We’d move if we were her.


8) Nailed it

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This person figured out the perfect way to impress their philosophy professor with a clever essay on nihilism. They nailed it.


9) Thanks, man.

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This guy saw an opportunity to help someone out…albeit in an interesting way…but it worked!

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