11 Photos That Show Why Costco In Japan Has Just About Everything


We all know Costco was created in America. What we may not know though, is that it really exceeded our expectations in Japan.

There are so many items in the Japanese Costcos that we can’t in the American ones, like dried gourmet mushrooms and delicious sashimi salads. Check it out for yourself.



1. Dried gourmet mushrooms

Source: Instagram
This is one of those items that you don’t know you need until you see it in the store. Then you come across it and you’re like, “Oh yes! I can use this for so many things!”


2. Fancy wraps

Source: Instagram
These look so fresh and delicious. A perfect grab-and-go option for when you don’t have any time to cook!


3. Sashimi salad

Source: Instagram
We definitely don’t have sashimi that looks as fresh as this at our American Costcos.


4. Delicious pastries

Source: Instagram
Those chocolate-drizzled buns look out of this world! And is that some good-looking drip coffee in the back?


5. Smoothie heaven

Source: Instagram
Two gorgeous pink smoothies to go, please! Along with everything else in the cart, obviously.


6. Perfect platters

Source: Instagram
That creamy cheese looks divine. And those crackers? Yes, please.


7. All of the goods

Source: Instagram
Delicious brie cheese, Godiva chocolates, and onion gratin soup, just to name a few.


8. Lamb shoulder

Source: Instagram
What’s more yummy than this tender meat? Great for all kinds of dishes.


9. Fish meat surimi

Source: Instagram
This is meat ground into a paste. It is good for making things like fake crab!


10. Ultra joy!

Source: Instagram
That is the name of their dishwashing soap. So cute!


11. Rotisserie chicken

Source: Instagram
And yes, don’t worry — Costcos in Japan still have rotisserie chicken. A staple ingredient.

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