12 Photos That Will Send You Back To The Days You Stayed Home Sick From School



Being sick is never a good thing. Or is it?

We can all recall the good ‘ol days when being sick meant being able to stay home from school. Whether we were being watched by a relative or even able to stay at home by ourselves as we became older, being stuck at home wasn’t always the worst thing that could happen.

Most of us spent our days watching TV and movies, playing video games and with other toys, and simply using our imagination. The food wasn’t half-bad either.

Here is a list of some of the things you might remember back when you were kept home from school. Let the good times roll.

1) LT4L

Source: @classiccartoons._ 

No matter what age you were when you stayed home sick from school, the Looney Tunes were likely a part of your day. Who wouldn’t want a good laugh when feeling under the weather? Nobody!


2) King Maury

Source: Twitter/@SoDamnTrue
We have all been guilty of watching this show when at home. It was full of so much drama. For those interested, Maury is still on today!Thanks, Maury for keeping us company for all those years!


3) Movie Marathon

Source: @caseyquickflips
This was obviously the best part of staying home for all of us. These movies seemed to never disappoint. VHS tapes rule!


4) The Busiest Man in the Biz

Source: fireballk2588
If you weren’t watching Bob Barker with your grandma at some point growing up, what were you doing?! It was always fun playing the games together. Somehow, she won every time.


5) Cream of Wheat

Source: Wikimedia Commons
When your parents did what they could to put a smile on your face before heading out to work… Particularly when they made you eat things you didn’t like because it would make you “feel better.” Take Cream of Wheat, for example


6) Game Away

Source: Wikimedia Commons
Need we say more? Getting to chill in your bed with a game glued to your face was all any of us wanted. Sick days allowed us this privilege. Game Boy always delivered.


7) The Good Stuff

Source: Twitter/@jaymfbig
This sweet medicine made every child smile when they tasted it. And for good reason, it was delicious!I don’t think I’m feeling too well… *runs to store*


8) Coming Soon

Source: Reddit/Tarhabibi
This might be one of the most missed parts about those vhs tapes. That man’s voice will be with us forever. Who remembers the light music ding that played in the background?


9) Bowl of Tomato

Source: Wikimedia Commons
Tomato soup was a staple for sick kids. Though, I’ll never understand why. It was gross! It’ll always be chicken noodle for me.


10) Grilled Cheese

Source: Maggie Hoffman
This side to tomato soup, however, deserves a round of applause. It’s the true champion when it came to sick meals at home. Just look at that cheesy goodness.


11) Pack of Smokes

Source: zombieite
When your mom calls home to check on you and asks if you want her to pick up anything on her way home… “Grab me a pack of cigs, would ya doll?”Yep, candy cigarettes were a thing.


12) The Original

Source: Wikimedia Commons
So much better than tomato soup! It’s been the soup of choice for decades. Grab a bowl and you’ll see why!

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