10 People (And Pets) Who Take Petty Revenge To A New Level


Revenge is an art form.

Of course, you have to be careful not to hurt anyone when you deliver payback, so petty revenge is sometimes the only option.

Obviously, if we were all emotionally mature enough to simply get over things and move on, we’d be a lot better off. Often, revenge only leads to a cycle of retaliation.

But it can also feel really rewarding.

While we’re not advocating revenge, we have gathered 60 of the best petty revenge photos from the web, showing just how low people can go after someone annoys them.

1. Revenge monkey

Source: @soundslikepuget/Instagram
Of course there’s no free monkey here, but putting someone’s phone number on a “Free Monkey” sign is going to get them two types of phone calls: 1) those from people eager to get a free monkey, and 2) those who are mortally offended that someone would keep a monkey as a pet.Both are annoying.The person who made this sign is using it against the worst of the spammers: 

“Every time I get a spam fax at work I put the spammer’s number on a Free Monkey flyer and post it somewhere around town.”


2. Tastebud terror

Source: @lufcdannyboy/Twitter
Gruesome. Of this photo, the OP said: 

“Lad at work just eats everyone’s treats. Tomorrow will be a surprise for him.”

Yes, it will! A really gross surprise – and one that we would have loved to watch.

Seriously though, who steals people’s food!?


3. A permanent reminder

Source: @_Breyonnn/Twitter
Never mess with a creative woman.We really have no sympathy for cheaters (just break up already!), but this probably goes beyond petty since that tattoo will be a forever reminder of what he did.


4. A cat’s revenge

Source: GreyGhostPhoto/Reddit
“Next time you think about locking your cat in the bathroom for a bit, don’t” was the advice of this cat owner.It’s impossible to discipline a cat and get off scot-free.Clearly this feline does not care about the environment. 


5. Petty cash

Source: Keercan/Imgur
We don’t know whose side we would have taken in this relationship, but we do know that we admire the creativity of the guy who put his new wife’s face on the alimony check that he has to send his ex-wife every month.Seems like everybody wins here – he gets his petty revenge and she gets her cash.


6. Sleeping soundly

Source: @DaveApnea/Twitte

It’s hard to sleep with a snorer! So when this woman’s husband laughed at her idea to share her pain with the rest of the world, she went ahead with it.Now the whole world knows just what he sounds like (and, finally, so does he!).


7. Petty thieves

Source: PrincessAlterEgo/Reddit 

When a family got their reindeer decorations stolen, they replaced them with the security camera stills of the thief.We love it!

While it’s not exactly festive, it is embarassing to a person who totally deserves it!


8. Parking lot punk

Source: filipe272003/Ingur
Well, that’s one use for zip ties!When this obnoxious driver parked in 2 spots, a parking lot avenger decided to zip tie a shopping cart to his door handle.At least now they have to face some inconvenience as well! 


9. Bitter birthday

Source: @TBHER_/Twitter
Revenge might be a strong word for this, but town members were so annoyed about a pothole not being fixed that they threw it a birthday party, cake and all.We doubt the town enjoyed that bad press.


10. Cyber revenge

Source: @sehnaoui/Twitter
This is genius. The poster confirmed that they were not only loud and rude but not-so-nice to the wait staff, in addition, so we don’t feel bad that they’ll have to buy a new domain name for their business (or pay out the nose to the guy who bought it out from under them).ALWAYS be nice to the waitstaff.

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