8 Group Painting Fails That Will Have You Cracking Up


Have you ever been to one of those “Sip and Paint” classes where you drink wine and do your best to paint a masterpiece on a canvas? Or maybe you remember being in art class and having to replicate a famous painting? Well, if you’re not really the artistic type…these classes can lead to some pretty hilarious results. Need proof? Keep reading.

Here are 8 hilarious group painting class fails.

Hey, all of these people definitely get an A+ for effort and a sense of humor.

1) Pet portraits

Source: lolwot
In this painting class, they were painting pet portraits. The girl’s painting on the left is really quite lovely. And on the right? Amazing! Superhero Cat in the clouds for the win.


2) Keeping things simple

Source: lolwot 

This class was instructed to paint some bar glasses and a shaker. However, the girl on the far right just went with what she knew – circles.


3) The protesting artist

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Was this guy dragged to this painting class with his wife or something? Because he doesn’t seem super excited to be there. So, he showed everyone how he truly felt.


4) Loch Ness in the city

Source: lolwo

This isn’t exactly a painting fail. In fact, it really could be more of a win. The person’s painting on top had a little something extra – the Loch Ness Monster.


5) Just add dragons

Source: lolwot
Here’s another person who decided to take their painting to the next level. This time, it’s with dragons breathing fire through the sky setting one of the hot air balloons on fire.


6) Took a dark turn

Source: lolwot
Instead of painting the bright and happy nature setting on the right that was supposed to be painted, this guy created a scary and dark post-apocalyptic world.


7) An interesting take

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We’re not sure if this person maybe had just a little too much wine during the class or what, but this painting took quite the interesting turn. Why is it so angry?


8) The rebels in the front row

Source: lolwot
This class was supposed to paint a night, starry sky but it looks like the two people in the front row were in their own worlds. We’re not sure what happened there.

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