10 People Share The Funny Things Their Parents Do That Are Extra Annoying


Every parent does something that gets under their kids’ skin at some point. If there are any children who have never gotten annoyed by their parents, well, that’s just impossible!

Twitter user @Sinclair1875 recently tweeted out asking people to share things their parents say that really annoy them. Understandably, tons of people responded with hilarious stuff. Here are some of the best stories.

1. “Pets City”

Source: Twitter
Why does she think it’s called Pets City? Why has no one ever corrected her? Will she ever learn?


2. Pft, old people

Source: Twitter
When you dislike old people, yet you are old…


3. More “old people” problems

Source: Twitter
How old you are really seems to not matter.


4. Puffing Billy

Source: Twitter
Hey, at least she tried!


5. When you think the artist Seal is called Snail

Source: Twitter
And any printed document is a “photostat.”


6. Stunning!

Source: Twitter
This person has got a point, though. Why bother acting like you’re searching for a different word when you already know what you’re going to end up saying?


7. “Aldi”

Source: Twitter
Aldi… Audi… What’s the difference anyway?!


8. That person isn’t alone at least

Source: Twitter
Again, what’s the difference?


9. “Diabeetus”

Source: Twitter
We can see how that might get annoying.


10. “Take a chill-out tablet”

Source: Twitter
If the person he’s telling to chill wasn’t already annoyed, they definitely will be now.

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