7 People Who Ended Their Employment In Style


Finding the job of your dreams is not easy. Most of the time, people end up finding a job that is nothing short of their worst nightmare! With a nightmarish job that leaves them unsatisfied, people eventually quit and decide to put an end to their misery.

And since their work experience was not fun at all, some people who quit their job make their resignation quirky and hilarious instead! These people truly made quitting their job a memorable event and you would surely find their resignation funny and totally in style!

1. A resignation pop-up notification

Source: Reddit
The suspense in this resignation notice is killing me. Did they click “Renegotiate” or they simple chose “Ignore”?


2. You do it, boss.

Source: Reddit
The trouble with being cruel to the sign guy? He knows just how to pay you back.


3. Resignation cake

Source: Twitter
Sending a cake as a resignation notice when you decide to put up your own cake business instead? Simply brilliant!


4. A toast for all the good times

Source: Imgur
Although some employments end in a bad way, some do end in a nice way. This guy’s resignation notice is nothing but unique, and it’s good that he had a great time during his stay.


5. Always remembered

Source: Reddit
This guy placed pictures of himself at random places at the office when he resigned. A couple of years has passed and people at his former office still remember him.


6. They’ve had enough

Source: Reddit
Oh, no, Jamie. This is what happens to people who are abusive and cruel to their staff. At some point, enough will definitely be enough.


7. Don’t expect any help

Source: Reddit
When a highway patrol worker gets fired, there can be really bad effects on the motorists. It’s just not fair.

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