12 Eye Catching Photos That Can’t Be Unseen


It’s easy to think that we’ve seen everything, particularly with the internet showing us everything we need to see and know. And when we see things, we tend to believe that they are exactly how we see them. We overlook their size, color, purpose, and even their true meaning.

Let’s be real.

Our eyes can play a trick on us and if you don’t believe that, here are a couple of interesting eye-opening photos that will make you question what you’ve seen.

1. So close, yet so far away.


Source: Reddit
Imagine finding $500,000 on the trash. You’d probably think you’ll be rich, but you won’t. Even if you glue the pieces together, the old bills won’t cost anything.


2. A door for the milk

Source: Reddit 

It must have been cool to have your milk delivered straight through that door. You won’t have to go outside or open the entire door just to get your warm milk.


3. Next-level self check-out machine


Source: Reddit
This self check-out machine is on a whole new level. You just have to put your basket at the bottom slot and the machine will total everything inside it. There’s no need to take out the items one by one


4. Plantable pencils


Source: Reddit
This is quite cool and interesting. With each pencil, you’ll be able to grow either chili, tomato or coriander.


5. A street art


Source: Reddit
This street art in Lancashire, UK is quite mesmerizing. The 3D effect and reflection are brilliant.


6. A globe for the blind


Source: Pikabu
This is a globe with Braille keys. It’s supposed to help visually impaired people to have a better undrestanding of geographical representations.


7. A cylinder for dice

Source: Reddit 

If there was a video showing how this dice agitator works, it would have been a lot more satisfying. Nonetheless, it’s interesting how this cylinder was able to push 25,000 dice to form concentric circles.


8. A beehive


Source: Reddit
Bees travel at a fast speed. If you were to take a time lapse photo of them, you’d get something like this.


9. The cows that made this yogurt possible


Source: Reddit
This farm wanted to make sure that all the cows that donated milk for this yogurt got the appreciation they deserve. Now, we can all say thank you to the 10 generous cows.


10. A unique bathroom sink


Source: Reddit
This bathroom sink was constructed using an igneous rock that was formed from volcanic lava. And while it does look beautiful, cleaning it must be a totally different story.


11. When buttons are mined


Source: Pikabu
This is quite an unusual “mineral”. You don’t get to see this much button deposits along the road often, right?


12. Creepy carrot


Source: Pikabu
This is probably one of the biggest and creepiest carrots you’ll see. It looks like it has arms that will wrap around that man’s neck at any time.

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