9 Anarchists Who Could Care Less About Following Rules


When it comes to the first rule of anarchy, Clark Gable said it best in Gone with the Wind with his famous quote, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.” Anarchists simply don’t care what other people think of them.

Even so, anarchists do still crave a little bit of attention. But, it doesn’t have to be about something that’s big and bold. Sometimes it’s the very subtle jabs that says their a pro pulling all the punches.

If you’re in the mood to buck the system right along with them, then check out these 75 cheeky, sneaky, and outright hilarious anarchists. They’re rebels with a cause – which is to make you laugh!

1) No selfies, not even for celebrities

Source: Facebook/HughJackman
Oooh, Hugh Jackman is such a savage! But, what else do you expect from a Wolverine?


2) “Do not print labels unnecessarily”

Source: Reddit
Sometimes a muted, understated response is the best way to show people that you disagree with the status quo. This sneaky little anarchist knows that label tape is expensive, hence the “unnecessary” warning, which is probably why they kept their response short and sweet.


3) “This kid gets it”

Source: Reddit 

Not every kid gets it, especially when they’re this young. But this kid isn’t wrong, [email protected]:

“We have a programmer here.”


4) “I don’t give a damn!”

Source: Reddit 

Don’t use a blade to open, you say? Well, what about this Blade? Take that, stupid [email protected]:

“Serious question what are you supposed to use to open it if not a blade?”


“House keys.”


5) Anarchist achievement unlocked

Source: Reddit
This cool cat and his hot dog are breaking not 1, but 4 different rules, all at the same time. As if there were any other way to be an anarchist who screws with the rules.


6) “Conservatives were burnt”

Source: Reddit
When “Warriors for Christ” let everyone know that they hate all colors of the rainbow, they got slammed for their conservative point of view. Unfortunately, after it made waves on social media, they pulled a fast [email protected]

“I think they edited it so now it’s just a bible verse with 18k rainbow reacts :(“


7) “Rebels on a set”

Source: Reddit
There are starving actors out there who would kill for an opportunity to work on a Hollywood set. But these two Supernatural rebels are just eating and sleeping their way through their lines, even though the signs say “no sleeping on set” and “no food on set.”


8) “When things get intense at college”

Source: Reddit
College life is already tough enough. But, students these days are being asked to break more rules than ever before, even though they have a pretty busy schedule. At least Amelia Earhart, the rebel high flyer with wings, would be totally proud of these “first class” anarchists.


9) The city council told him he couldn’t install a garage door.

Source: Bored Panda
So, he just found a way around it! This window flips open towards the outside, but when it slides back in against the wall, that’s when this cheeky anarchist can make his great escape.

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