11 Funny Posts About Husbands Who Think They’re Dying With A Cold


“Man Flu” is when a man gets the same cold a woman gets and is ten times sicker than her. Of course, women take care of the kids, work, cook, clean, and do everything then normally do when they are sick. But men have it hard. Check out these memes and Tweets for proof.

1) Not a Drill

Source: Twitter
Of course this woman is poking fun at her husband, like most of these posts are, but what do you expect? It’s a coping mechanism to combat drama by creating it yourself.


2) All For One

Source: Imgur
Like a sick child, it is often said that a sick man makes sure everyone in his vicinity suffers whatever is ailing him. Even the most interesting man in the world knows this.


3) He’s Going Down

Source: Twitter
Echinacea is a natural plant that is said to fight against the flu, reduce inflamation, and other wonderful things. Euthanasia? Yeah, I believe you know what that is already.


4) Toddlers Get An Excuse

Source: Twitter
Taking care of sick toddlers is no fun considering they can’t control theor bodily functions and become quite clingy. But a man? According to this woman, it’s way worse.


5) Please, No

Source: Twitter
It appears that they’d rather hear that they are getting a divorce than to hear than their husband is getting sick. Their sicknes drama can somtimes last months at a time.


6) How Special

Source: Twitter
In case anyone is wondering, having twenty kids is anything but fun when you are their sole caregiver. Women with this many kids will never be the same, and neither will this woman.


7) From his Perspective

Source: Twitter
See now, we finally get to hear what men have to say. Simon has it all figured out. Just don’t get sick anymore! What a great plan, someone should have thought of it sooner.


8) Pretty Much

Source: Krlighed
This is about how it works. Just your average, everyday Joe Schmo. Until he gets sick, of course. Then you get Mr. Whiner Baby. Right? That seems to be the going thing.


9) Sums It Up

Source: Twitter
When women get sick, life goes on. When men get sick, the entire world stops for them. Or at least they should. Have you ever had Man Flu? Then you don’t understand.


10) Oh, Okay

Source: Twitter
Yeah, we know moms have hard jobs but how hard can delivering a baby and recovering from a c-section be compared to having a cold? Get a grip!


11) Hold Up

Source: Twitter
Think you need to work when your husband is at home sick? How irresponsible of you! You get home and take care of the invalid this instant.

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