8 Reasons Having A Big Sister Makes Your Life Even Better


Although sisters can sometimes drive you crazy for getting all up in your business or calling you out for being a bad girl, you should consider yourself pretty darn lucky that you even have one. That’s because sisters keep you on your toes and make life more interesting!

A sister is your cheerleader when you’re feeling blue, your best friend when you want to talk smack, and your mama bear when you need protecting. Studies have even shown that having a sister can make you happier and more well-adjusted than people who grew up with only brothers.

Having a sister is truly a gift, and here are 8 reasons why sisters totally rule!

1) She’s proud of you no matter what you do…or did.

Source: Reddit
Even when you feel like rolling your eyes at your sister for all the crazy, embarrassing moments she puts you though (like wearing a T-shirt of your face that says “world’s proudest sister” on it), she’s still the best person in the world for admitting that you’re related!And guess what else? She’s also the reason why you’re so ambitious! Sisters who develop a close-knit bond also encourage each other to reach their full potential.


2) She lowers your chance of getting a divorce.

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There are many reasons why people get divorced, and these days people go into marriages knowing there’s a 50 percent chance that it may come to crashing end.However, a study from Ohio State University shows that having siblings means that you have better odds of staying married! It turns out that having a sister makes you less self-centered and more mature as an adult, which of course are qualities that can help you weather the ups and downs of any relationship.


3) She makes you feel less crazy.

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Try to identify who you are and where you fit into the world can sometimes be taxing on your mental well-being. But, it turns out that sisters are a great outlet for getting all that uncertainty out of your system! Studies have shown that growing up with a sibling can help reduce negative feelings, curb depression, and improve your mental outlook. Sisters also make you a kinder, gentler person.


4) She gives you unconditional love even when you’ve been naughty.

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We’ve all heard that pets give you unconditional love, but your sister can also light up your inner warm fuzzies, too. She’s won’t judge if you get caught playing Grand Theft Auto in real life, and won’t disown you for jetting off to the Bahamas without her on HER birthday.


5) Your sister paved the way so the road wouldn’t be so bumpy for you.

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It’s true! According to a study published by Duke University, younger siblings really do get away with murder.Because mom and dad have already had plenty of practice punishing your sister, they know what works and what doesn’t. That means the parental units are more lenient when you stay out past curfew, stumble through the front door drunk as a hobo, or dye your hair (and the bathroom walls) goth purple.


6) You can be yourself around your her.

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The only person we can truly be ourselves with is, well, ourselves! But, the next best thing is a sister, who doesn’t care that you still suck on your thumb like a 2-year-old when you’re depressed, or that you wear huge granny panties on first dates as a deterrent against one-night stands.


7) She’ll tell you right away if your thighs look fat in those skinny jeans.

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Your sister, for better or worse, will give you honest fashion advice. She’ll critique that sparkly sequin mini dress that barely grazes your butt cheeks, or that silly cosplay costume of a medieval bar maid – because, that’s what sisters are for!


8) She’s the responsible one who looks out for you!

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Your older sister babysat for you when you were a kid, which means that she’s practically like a second mom! She’ll lovingly remind you to buy a gift for dad’s birthday, come over with chicken noodle soup when you’re sick with the flu, and make an appointment with your doctor for your annual “lady bits” checkup because she wants to make sure you live to be old and wrinkly!

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