10 Awkward Encounters People Have Had With Celebrities


Have you ever been lucky enough to meet a famous person, but ended up putting your foot in your mouth as soon as you went up to greet them? Well, you’re not alone!

Take for example the guy who told Tom Hanks that he had been working with SNL “since the beginning of semen.” Or, how about the random fan who asks Steve Carell if Minions are yellow in real life!

With stories like that circulating around Twitter, it’s no wonder that these 10 crazy, sweet, and totally awkward encounters with celebrities are leaving the Internet laughing.

1) “Your grandma is on my money.”

Source: Twitter/bacon_N_legs
Imagine being drunk when you run into one of your favorite celebs. Then imagine saying the most insane thing in the world about his granny, and you have this horrifying celeb meetup!


2) “It made me sperm!”

Source: Twitter/MatthewKBegbie
It’s understandable when a fan gets excited about meeting someone famous and they stumble over their words. But, leave it to a true gentleman like Tom Hanks to come up with a witty comeback to a fan’s verbal faux [email protected]:

“Ultimate good-guy energy.”


3) “Are Minions yellow in real life?”

Source: Twitter/zemolafilms
At the end of the day, celebrities are people just like us. They may shoot the breeze with you over stuff like the meaning of life, but they don’t always have the answer to every deeply profound philosophical question that your crazy brain comes up [email protected] McAtee:

“He repeated it back to me, perplexed, and I was so embarrassed that I just shook his hand and got out of there.”


4) Zoe Kravitz cradled him in her arms.

Source: Twitter/lookattyler
It can be super embarrassing when you meet a beautiful celeb and end up turning into a puddle of goo as soon as you open your mouth. But, this lucky guy practically found a surrogate mama in Zoe Kravitz when he started crying about how beautiful she [email protected] Mueller:

“Omg I wonder how that feels to be so beautiful it brings [tears] to peoples eyes.”


5) “Will ya’ll be my dads?”

Source: Twitter/20gayneen
Sometimes you think you know a celebrity so well, they start to feel like family. And if you’re lucky, they’ll think that you’re family [email protected]:

“If I ever meet him I’m handing him some adoption papers to sign xx.”


6) “Will you sign my penguin paper?”

Source: Twitter/jacqpatton
Some fans come prepared with the perfect pad of paper that they plan to have framed and cherished forever when they ask a celeb for an autograph. Others, like poor Jackie here, have to settle for the most awkwardly random thing they dig out of their [email protected]:

“I remember buying it at a dollar store but don’t know why I had it on me that day!”


7) “You don’t want me to be in it?”

Source: Twitter/jill8277
When most people meet Late Night talk show host Seth Myers, it’s only natural to ask for a picture. But, Jill’s dad obviously didn’t grow up in the selfie generation and only wanted to take a picture of Seth…by [email protected]:

“I literally can’t stop laughing at this Jill he literally looks like a kindergartner on his first day of school.”


8) He scared the ghost out of Whoopi Goldberg

Source: Twitter/TheChangeU12C
You know how you sometimes randomly run into the same person over and over again at the grocery store, coffee shop, and at the movie theater? In our world, it’s a freaky coincidence, but in a celebrity’s world, that’s when they get a restraining order against [email protected]:

“Omg I was walking out of my dad’s restaurant YEARS ago and I saw her walking down the same side of the street I was on and said to myself out loud wait is that Whoopi and she smirked at me it was the cutest interaction I’ve ever had with a celebrity.”


9) “OMG Batman!”

Source: Twitter/conz
Actors are used to having fans call them by the name of one of the characters they played on the big screen. But, when they play a famous comic book superhero, no one ever remembers their real [email protected]:

“That’s awesome. Mine is that Richard E. Grant came to sit in front of us at a performance of Chicago. I looked up, made eye contact, and said: Spiceworld.”


10) When you hug Danny DeVito like your BFF

Source: Twitter/Lindygeek
Most people dream of having a “moment” with a famous celeb, but such intimate encounters are rare and practically unheard of. However, Nicole, who is a shortstop just like Danny DeVito, had a hilarious moment with the actor when they both realized they had something in common

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