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    9 True Stories From People That Seem Like They’re Lies

    Tell me a story about yourself the sounds like a lie but is absolutely true. — Aidan Moher (@adribbleofink) January 4, 2020 Have you ever had something so strange happen to you that you feel like you’re on one of those reality television prank shows? Sometimes coincidences are so strange and moments are so serendipitous, […] More

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    11 Photos That Show Why Costco In Japan Has Just About Everything

    We all know Costco was created in America. What we may not know though, is that it really exceeded our expectations in Japan. There are so many items in the Japanese Costcos that we can’t in the American ones, like dried gourmet mushrooms and delicious sashimi salads. Check it out for yourself.     1. Dried gourmet […] More

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    10 People (And Pets) Who Take Petty Revenge To A New Level

    Revenge is an art form. Of course, you have to be careful not to hurt anyone when you deliver payback, so petty revenge is sometimes the only option. Obviously, if we were all emotionally mature enough to simply get over things and move on, we’d be a lot better off. Often, revenge only leads to […] More

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    8 Group Painting Fails That Will Have You Cracking Up

    Have you ever been to one of those “Sip and Paint” classes where you drink wine and do your best to paint a masterpiece on a canvas? Or maybe you remember being in art class and having to replicate a famous painting? Well, if you’re not really the artistic type…these classes can lead to some […] More

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    10 People Share The Funny Things Their Parents Do That Are Extra Annoying

    Every parent does something that gets under their kids’ skin at some point. If there are any children who have never gotten annoyed by their parents, well, that’s just impossible! Twitter user @Sinclair1875 recently tweeted out asking people to share things their parents say that really annoy them. Understandably, tons of people responded with hilarious stuff. Here […] More

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    7 People Who Ended Their Employment In Style

    Finding the job of your dreams is not easy. Most of the time, people end up finding a job that is nothing short of their worst nightmare! With a nightmarish job that leaves them unsatisfied, people eventually quit and decide to put an end to their misery. And since their work experience was not fun […] More

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