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    Teen Makes Unexpected Confession Under Anesthesia

    One of the most common questions about anesthesia is whether it will make you confess your deepest secrets. While anesthesia doesn’t make you spill the beans, it can make for a funny video when you decide to be a little too honest. This video featuring a love-struck teen in a dentist’s office shows how that […] More

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    70 photoshop fails people noticed immediately

    There are a lot of perfectly legitimate reasons to use Photoshop. There’s a great example in this slideshow where someone should have used it to get rid of a naked man in the background. That’s a good, legitimate reason. But there are also so many advertisements that use Photoshop to create unrealistic standards for human […] More

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    35 struggles that only people who grew up with siblings will ever understand

    The following 35 experiences recount moments that one has with their siblings during childhood. These are the moments that, for the most part, every “only-child” should feel lucky they never got to experience. If you’re an only kid, take a moment to count your blessings because these next 35 slides are sure to make you […] More

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    50 People Who Did Not Get The Meals They Were Expecting

    Most of the world has been on quarantine and staying at home for a quarter of a year has definitely made a lot of people miss going out and dining at restaurants with family and friends. It is always fun to enjoy good food while catching up with each other’s lives, releasing some stress, and […] More

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    35 People Who Wish They Had Stayed In Bed

    We all have our bad days. As humans, it’s normal for us to run out of luck at times. However, that doesn’t mean that you’ll be unlucky forever. There are things you can do to make things better. One of them is laughing. If you’re having a bad day and you’re looking for something to […] More

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    60 Savage partners who showed their true colors when living with a partner

    Isn’t love grand? Two people meet, fall head over heels, and before long, they’re sharing a home. What could be more blissful, right? Well, as these 60 people proved, they realized their partner was a monster but not before it was too late. For these individuals, the famous saying, “Hindsight is 20/20” definitely applies. 1. […] More

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